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Content Partners

Organisations we have partnered with to create or promote content:


wd_FB-cover-photoWhyDev provides a collaborative and participatory platform for individuals passionate about development, aid, and other global issues to discuss these topics. It also provides a way to express ideas, opinions, knowledge, doubts, questions and creativity towards these topics. Initially established as a blog, WhyDev now offers peer coaching for aid workers, contributes to and hosts episodes of AidWorks – a weekly podcast on aid and development, and more.

Practical Initiatives Network (PIN)

PIN LogoPractical Initiatives Network (PIN) is a free, public, worldwide network providing a platform for development organisations to share ideas and learn from each other’s successful (and less successful) initiatives. The website originated from a recognition that development organisations around the world are working on similar initiatives and could benefit from the knowledge, expertise and lessons learned by others. Development organisations are invited to upload their initiatives regardless of their size, reach or background to share their ideas and experience.

How Matters

How explores the skills and knowledge needed by all international “do-gooders” (professional and amateur alike) to truly raise the level of human dignity within international assistance and to put real resources behind local means of overcoming obstacles.

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